About Us

#WASHED, short for "washed up," represents a quasi-purgatory of life in which you aren’t quite an “old head” but no longer a “youngster.” This series is a unique take on the coming-of-age story from the urban male perspective. Being #WASHED is a reckoning between your aging body & mental state permanently stuck in adolescence. For Mark Fields, this contrast is even starker as his childhood best friend Eric, a drug dealing bookworm, is living his “best life” while Mark is struggling with adulthood. 

The underlying theme of the entire show is: how does one cling to their youth while transitioning into adulthood? This dynamic parallels perfectly with the struggle of relinquishing old identities for those few that rise out of the “hood” to a comfortable lifestyle. #WASHED is much more than a series. The Creative Couch is building an ecosystem of creators in Dallas, TX and laying a foundation that promises to produce dynamic content for decades. Season 1 of #WASHED was created through sheer tenacity & creativity. Season 2 is on the docket and we are determined to stake our claim as premiere content producers in the world.



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